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Pile Repair Leaders – Repair vs. Replacement

The corrosive nature of seawater can damage marine and waterfront structures, destroy their aesthetics or render them unable to support the machinery, equipment or other loads they were designed to carry.

ICC Marine’s pile repair products deliver 100% structural integrity and can be installed in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost of replacement. See our pile repair project.

ICC Marine is a certified installer of:

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Structural Repair Systems

Wood / Steel / H-Pipe / Concrete Pile Repair
ICC Marine is a certified installer of world leading engineered pile repair systems. Over time, treated wood piles will deteriorate to the point of structural failure due to marine boring organisms, fungi, UV damage, chafing, splash zone scour and structural cracking. We also provide pile corrosion services.

ICC Marine offers a 100% structural integrity repair solution. ICC are certified installers of the following pile repair systems.

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Grout Injected FRP Jacket System
PileJax solutions revolutionise pile repair and long-term protection in wharf, bridge, pier, jetty and infrastructure assets under many challenging environmental conditions.
The engineered PileJax systems have been rigorously tested and proven to provide durable marine protection for all pile material including timber, concrete and steel and are suitable for all sizes and cross-sections.

Under view of bridge with repaired piles


Grout Injected FRP Jacket System
In 1970, the FX-70® Structural Repair and Protection System made in-place repair of damaged marine piles possible and practical, this was an industry first. By eliminating the need to dewater the repair site or take the structure out of service, FX-70 dramatically reduces the overall cost of restoring the damaged structure. A corrosion-resistant system, both aging and new structures can realize extended service life as a benefit of the FX-70 system.


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Epoxy Coated Glass Fibre Wrap
Fibrwrap are leaders in retrofitting these types of reinforced concrete, wood and steel structures using our Tyfo® advanced composites, which rehabilitate and preserve existing structural elements. We employ innovative, state-of-the-art techniques with solutions for installing structural upgrades both above and below the surface of the water. Our solutions include the versatile prefabricated Tyfo® PR jacket that bonds back onto itself using Tyfo® S epoxy.

Under wharf with corrosion protection